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Received my Gold withdrawal to DXR. Thank you Laurie and team for everything you are doing.

I got an email at 128 that my KYC had been received for review and at 12:32 I received an email letting me know that KYC was approved. WOW only 24 minutes for approval.

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I'm a little confused. I verified my account and saw a blue check by my name but the blue check in now gone. The Verification button is not listed to verify. Any one have any ideas??

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Has this happened to you?

I tried teaching a 14 year old how to put a nut on to a bolt explaining that to tighten the nut you turn it "clockwise" and to loosen the nut you turn it "counterclockwise."

He looked confused.

I then told him to look at a clock and he should be able to figure it out.

He turned on his phone, saw the time and said, "I don't get it."

What ever happened to the good old days?

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We have a visitor at our home next to the house under our deck. It's a little hard to see but it's a nesting wild 🦃


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