As you know we started using stem cell activation patches on Harvey just over 2 months ago and the results so far have been very encouraging.
1 Better sleep
2. Better attention span
3. Hand eye coordination greatly improved
4. Blocked ears with wax gone now clear
5. No nose bleeds for around a month which this time of year is often a daily occurring event.
6 Improvement in communication
7 learning speed has increased as his school has noticed improvement in his number recognition and other things.
8 Harvey has always been happy but now he has a very happy glow.
9. Harvey’s skin has gotten much better as well it’s much softer and smoother to the touch.
10. If he breaks his skin by falling over at school it heals up much faster as well
The patches work via using your own body’s heat to bounce your natural light back into you to promote your stem cells into action and to produce new stem cells.
There is no harmful drugs or chemicals in the patches just natural ingredients which make them safe to use by anyone.
We patch Harvey for 12hrs over night so that he doesn’t have it on at school as at the moment it would end in no end of questions.
With the help of the patches Harvey’s own body is healing it’s self from the inside it’s strange how it works but it is.
The patches are not a quick fix but they are most definitely making a difference to Harvey for the better. And long May things continue to improve.