Good Afternoon,

My apologies for my lack of communication, however after a bad Covid Jab experience, I have been trying to deal with the requirements of Visa to enable our card program to be delivered the way we want the user experience to be.

It was always my vision that a card program was to enable the user to use any part of his DXM balance without conversion or transfer. In other words, pull your card out and use it.

After the first integration this was not the case due to limitations from the various banking partners.

After many meetings and many arguments we have aligned ourselves with partners that accept that people should be able to use digital assets within their accounts without the need to convert to fiat, that is, they need to be recognised as a mode of payment.

Thankfully, I can now say, that I have had this accepted and the card program will now roll-out the way I wanted it.

Over the past few days there has been a lot of work done on the portal and we have had the [portal handed back to us just now completed.

There are new account details for deposits into the fiat currencies, with the exception of CNY,TLS and TRY, they will be added shortly. GBP, EUR,USD,AUD,CAD,HKD are now live and ready for deposits.

There is also new crypto addresses for deposits, so familiarise yourself with those.

I will update you on the VISA roll out in the coming hours