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It’s been a couple of months since the flooding where my big steel box is stored. It’s been extremely stressful not knowing if I’ve lost everything in there. But there was a few small items I had hoped would have not been destroyed. One was a simple silk covered birthday book I had bought in Stratford on Avon. Decades ago. Unbelievably I had found it in the first few minutes of opening the doors to the box. I’m really hoping for a few more miracles. I also was hoping for three specific paintings 🖼 to have survived. 2 out of the three did. So fingers crossed 🤞 I have more luck 🍀 as I dive in deeper to the box. Try this box has spent a lot of time under category 3 contaminated water 😥😬 And to make matters worse, as our deep freeze 🥶 melts…now we are under a flood warning again. So I hope I can get everything that is salvageable out before that happens. 😢😢😞😞