Evening All, thank you for your patience as the clean up begins but we are expecting more rain tomorrow which is like a kick in the goolies at this point in time, but we fight on.

The joys of wet carpet, soaked furniture, and Xanders toys floating around the place was not my ideal way of spending the weekend.

A massive thank you to Jason Pedder who didn't hesitate to jump in and help me fight the incoming water, to no avail. I think we spent 5 days straight changing our wet clothes.

As you look around Brisbane so many people have lost cars, homes, possessions, businesses it is really a sad sight to see.

Nonetheless, we have started to get things moving with DXM and ramping up to Gold, so things are starting to happen.

Thank you to everyone for your messages of support and well wishes, hopefully now we can catch a break.

As Ibans start to appear on people's accounts, please note that it is this Iban number you will use for all future deposits into DXM.

If we can get sorted here I will attempt a live on Sunday night to explain everything properly.

Thank you.