A year in Lockdown

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How a year in lockdown in a pandemic

Living a Whole year in Lockdown is had to imagin. For some they have not had to do what millions of others have had to do. Many cannot believe what has been seen in many countries around the world. For many the last 12 months have been lived in fear not knowing if they would still be here now. And unfortunately many are not no longer here. 
No one thought in a million years that major cities around the world would fall silent for months and months on end. People not allowed to do just normal things. Panic in the food stores as people stocked up on everything they could leaving empty shelves in their wake. Those were people that thought of just themselves and not for others. And when you see people putting things into their shopping trolleys in the supermarkets to the extent of depriving others it makes you feel sad that no one really cares. 
We all watched the daily news as the grim reality of what was happening was reported every day the rising numbers of infections the never ending rise of deaths and businesses closed and many will never reopen. Schools closed and families having to try and support their children as well as trying to work from home where possible. Many of our Children have lost a year in the classroom and not seeing their friends. It's been a year of not knowing where the end would be. A year of heartache for many and tears of broken families. 

In all of this there has been some good things happen as well for one we have seen our youngest Harvey deal with his ASD and improved his eating habits to the point we nearly now can count what he does not like and not what he will eat. How has he changed so much is down to the fact of being in the kitchen and seeing and helping which encouraged him to try new foods on a daily basis. Other skills have happened as well. But for him not being in school was extremely hard as he missed his friends and his teachers.

Carys had so many online challenges in having to do her school work online sat at a laptop for 7 hours a day. The stress at times when things went wrong were a extremely explosive thing. But we survived it all and come out the other side. 
Our hope now hangs on the vaccines that are being given to everyone that needs one even though many think they are not worth the cost to the government as they don't believe that they will work, But if nothing happens we will all still be living in a world where there is very little international travel very limited travel in our own countries and limited access to family members. We all need to get back to some form of normal where we can see our families and friends and go for a day out without the restrictions we have had to go though for the past year. That's all hope that the second half of 2021 sees the world become more like it use to be. And everyone can go back to as normal as possible life. And our children be able to enjoy their lives once more. 

kami Ilmane 8 months ago

One positive thing during this lockdown was having the kids at home and no need for travelling. Normally my son 11 travels about 10 miles having to change twice, train then a bus then half a mile walk. Kind of selfish but I liked it having them around!! Not good for their well-being though. Vaccine is the only way and I can’t believe how some people undermine the great work of our amazing scientists and dismissing the efficiency of the vaccine..no words to describe this bahaviour but hey..everyone is entitled to an opinion and I respect their opinion providing they keep themselves to themselves and not infecting the rest of the communities..

Mark Wondolkowski 8 months ago

Very well said

Wend Watson 9 months ago

Very true Helen and so well put xx