The old young angry man - By Nelson (Aka: Nelly)

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While I was in hospital, I had written a few poems due to a rush of my creative juices. One of them was about a new patient who joined us. He was not so old but not so young as well. However, he was grumpy & complained about everything...

He'd just come into our room the other day all down under

Seemed like his age had caught up with the time that passed by


A face that held such deep and heavy eyes filled with aggression

And a big bushy mustache to go with his already peckled thin face


It never seized to show a sign of his anger disgust as if Life

Was all just a burden and he was caught up in between all of it


A lover of tobacco and his reluctance to detest it's existence

Was so visually prevalent while his deep voice exclaimed his 

Extreme yearning to have just one puff once more unfortunately


Lying in his bed while listening to his small red bass radio

He showed his dismay to his heart that had stopped a beat a day before

That now had been operated on and needed some rest from himself


Wasn't all this enough to all of us in the room but to our amazement

He wouldn't skip a moment to walk out that door if given a chance


An old young angry man that just wasn't going to change one bit

Even if it meant letting out his frustration on us who now had his company.