Lack of new technology for Children with Autism

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This is about the unwillingness of professionals in the world of Autism not looking at new ways to help children with Autism and speech delays

The world is changing fast new technology is being used everyday. But no one is willing to start to think outside the box when it comes to children and adults with Autism not just here in the  UK but in most countries around the world. 

There seems to be a mental block in speech and Language when it comes to using new technology and ideas to help children and adults with Autism to get their needs understood on a daily basis.

Most speech and Language therapy still consists of PECS which is not really user friendly in the big wide world. Most of the time the PECS system will mean that the child or adult has to carry a folder full of little symbols that can be attached to a strip on the front of the folder to ask for what they need or need help with. 
The main problem with this is that they have to go through pages of symbols to find what they require to be able to then put it in a sentence on the subject strip on the front. This is very time consuming and can lead to frustration of the child or adult that is trying to get their needs understood. 

In the modern world of technology most  people even in countries that you would not expect to have mobile phones or other devices do have them and the technology is there but no one will listen to the parents or Carers when it comes to what is really required. 

It's the most frustrating part of being a parent of a child with Autism when you tell the so called professionals that the system they use and expect the children to use is so out of date and most find it Un engaging to encourage communication. And any form of speech development. 

We are currently in the world looking at nearly having cars that can drive themselves and they do have the technology to park themselves. But when it comes to helping children and adults with Autism or other Communication delays or problems they are totally forgotten about. 

Life is now passing them by and their needs in a technology filled world is just being brushed under the carpet. Which is totally wrong as they have the right to live lives that can be happy and less stressful and frustrating. If just a few people would stop and realise that there is a very simple solution to a very long standing problem. 

And then the next biggest problem once the technology is there is to get the so called professionals to get their heads out of the dark ages and start to realise that modern technology is there to make life easier for those that need it. Maybe when I am in my 80s things might of changed for the better. Most would say that's a long time 30years but when you see how long the same time consuming system has been used this would be a very realistic time span. 

Personaly it doesn't need to take this long in fact the way technology is now it  could happen in a few years if the Professionals were more open minded to try and use modern technology to improve the lives of those and the families of those with Autism and communication problems. 

Hope this opens a few minds to what is happening to the thousands of those that are affected by the lack of support in this subject. 

Jordan Underwood 7 months ago

Completely Agree With You On This Helen!! My Little Cousin Finally Got His Diagnosis For Autism Just A Few Short Months Ago And I Understand Exactly What You Mean. There Needs To Be A Whole Lot More Offered, Especially In This Day And Age! Schools Are Also Very Underwhelming For And Children On The Spectrum And I Hope Thatbit Changes Before It's Too Late. Great Article Though. Thanks For Sharing Xx