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My reason for using my 50th Birthday present to raise funds for my sons school.

This past year has been very hard for us all but it's our children that have had the hardest time of all. But those with Special needs and their families have had an extremely difficult time during this pandemic. 

Harvey goes to a Special School for children with all kinds of additional needs some are Blind some in wheelchairs and others with Autism and other complex needs. 

There is a misconception that most think that schools like this get lots of extra funding per child compared to normal schools. This could not be further from the trut. Special needs Schools only receive a little extra per child and the rest of the funds they need is through donations from fundraising activities and other larger charity groups that are local to those Schools. 

So I am using my Skydive ? to help raise some much needed funds for my Sons School. Which is in the U.K. in St Neots Cambridgeshire. Samuel Pepys School is a lovely school with just over 100 children ranging between 4 - 18 years old. 

We had to fight for over 18 months for Harvey to be able to go to this School as our local Special needs schools were not right for Harvey. 

It's now my turn to help give something back to the school so that all can benefit from the funds I would like to raise. It's extremely sad the way a lot of people look at Children with additional needs as if they have no right to be alive and have a happy life. But every child matters and they deserve the best school that you can find. 

The teachers and support staff at the school are amazing and they all worked so hard during lockdown to try and see there pupils online every week. 

no Matter how small your donation it all adds to my target and I hope that we reach it and more as this school most definitely deserves that little extra support 

kami Ilmane 1 y

Wow...Well Done... That's Really awesome Helen...