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What鈥檚 new with XEMX Link and Xeniumx? What is the current market cap of each respectively?

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G'day All. I have Xeniumx token being held on Xeniumx.com. I was thinking about sending it to DXB to stake. How do I do that, if it can be done? TIA

That鈥檚 all I am saying 馃挜馃挜


Proud to announce that Xemxlink will be listed on STEX exchange from Wednesday next week.


It is with Great Pleasure that I can Introduce you to Plata AG 47, PAT, ERC-20 token being launched on the Xemxlink Blockchain.

Plata AG 47 is the first token backed by the Silver Price on the planet.

Holders will be buying into Silver Bullion with each token representing 1 gram.

Plata AG 47 looks to expand its Silver holdings and currently holds Silver Coins, 10oz Bars and Kilo Bullion, representing more than 30 Tonne.

Plata AG 47 has aligned its token price with the world Silver Market of a Troy Ounce.

You can now diversify your portfolio within the Silver Market with PAT.

Powered by the Xemxlink Blockchain you can now Purchase your tokens at


Tokens can be purchased using BTC, ETH and other Crypto and Paypal via https://paypal.me/xeniumx?locale.x=en_AU

Once you buy your tokens, head over and start your Silver Investment and Buy your Silver Stake!!

We Welcome Plata AG 47 to the Xemxlink Blockchain !!!